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Team & Tasks

OpenVAS is a community project carried out by volunteers. Many of the volunteers are IT and/or security professionals with many years of experience in their job. We also have many students participating in our project who learn about security scanning and add valuable new ideas.

OpenVAS Steering Team

OpenVAS Maintainer Team

The following table lists all the tasks that are done by the volunteers. Please feel free to apply for one or more of the tasks that are marked vacant. The time commitment for any of these tasks is non-trivial. This is balanced with honour and gratitude - if that means anything to you, you are very welcome to join.

Maintainers or Co-Maintainers shown emphasized are positions looking for someone to take over.

Task Maintainer Co-Maintainer
Bug Tracker Geoff Galitz Vacant (you?)
FAQ Geoff Galitz Vacant (you?)
Freshmeat OpenVAS entry Tim Brown Vacant (you?)
IRC Online Chat Admin Tim Brown Vacant (you?)
IRC Archive and Stats Admin Vlatko Kosturjak Vacant (you?)
Mailing List Admin openvas-announce Jan-Oliver Wagner Michael Wiegand
Mailing List Admin openvas-commits Jan-Oliver Wagner Michael Wiegand
Mailing List Admin openvas-devel Jan-Oliver Wagner Vacant (you?)
Mailing List Admin openvas-discuss Jan-Oliver Wagner Vacant (you?)
Mailing List Admin openvas-distro Tim Brown Vacant (you?)
Mailing List Admin openvas-distro-deb Jan Wagner Tim Brown
Mailing List Admin openvas-plugins Jan-Oliver Wagner Vacant (you?)
OpenVAS Feed Management Michael Wiegand Benoit Allard
Release Management Michael Wiegand Jan-Oliver Wagner