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Wanted: Submit your Screenshots

Screenshot of Greenbone Security Desktop 1.2 Screenshot of Greenbone Security assistant task overview
Greenbone Security Desktop 1.2: Arranged overview with dashboard, tasks etc. Greenbone Security Assistant 1.0: Task overview of the web interface.

Call for Screenshots

This screenshot collection should grow! Any contribution is welcome. Also combinations with other tools, any languages.

For submitting a screenshot simply follow this guide:

  1. Take care the screenshot shows no confidential information or make it unreadable.

  2. The image should be PNG and submitted in 1:1 (not scaled).

  3. A short subtitle description: which Version? What can you see? What is special about it?

  4. Should your name as author appear in the subtitle? If yes, please spell the name as it should appear.

  5. Send all to: info -at- openvas.org