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OpenVAS Change Requests

OpenVAS Change Requests describe proposed changes to one of the OpenVAS components. Though this is a formalized approach, this does not replace open discussion among interested developers on the mailing lists. From such open discussions, CRs emerge as a summary sooner or later. This transparently demonstrates the structured progress of the OpenVAS products to external people.

Change Request status can be: in discussion, accepted, rejected, in progress, done.

Change Requests: Done

Change Requests: Accepted and in progress

Change Requests: In Discussion

Change Requests: Rejected

How to write a change request

There are several sections for a change request for the various aspects of the proposed change. A change request can be iterated, so it is not mandatory to fill in e.g. a highly detailed implementation plan in the first version. Just try to give as much information as you feel helpful and able to provide. Read the existing change requests as examples.