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OpenVAS Change Request #21: OpenVAS-Client: Improve Vulnerability Summary Listing

Status: Voted +3. Implemented with SVN 1921.


To help users detect high priority vulnerabilities easier and earlier.



Vulnerabilities should be sorted from the most dangerous vulnerability to least dangerous one. In other words, the order should be High, Medium, Low and not vice versa as it is currently the case in the main view of the OpenVAS client for report summaries.

If the main window is not large enough, the summary of high priority vulnerabilities in a report is even hidden and the user needs to use the horizontal scroll bar to make it visible.


The three vulnerability types we currently have will be displayed in reverse order in the main tree view. The number of most dangerous vulnerabilities will be easier to determine by the user.

Design and Implementation

The design of the tree view needs to be adjusted, the data store needs to be organised differently (nessus/prefs_dialog/prefs_scope_tree.c). Discovered vulnerabilities in stored reports and received from the OpenVAS server need to be adjusted so that they are counted properly.