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Target Selection


The first host(s) that will be attacked by the OpenVAS server. The options below allow you to extend the test to a larger set of targets. You may define several targets by separating them with a comma (,). i.e. : "host1,host2".

A special syntax is "file:/some/where/targetlist.txt" which means that the actual target names are loaded from that list.

Read from file

A textfile can be specified that contains the list of targets. This textfile may contain comma-separated lists of host and also may contain many of such lines.

Perform a DNS Zone transfer

The OpenVAS server will perform an AXFR request (that is, a zone transfer) to the target name server and will attempt to obtain the list of the hosts in the target domain. Then, it will test each host.

Plugin PreferencesScan OptionsCredentialsTarget Selection