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A report is the result of a security scan. It contains the results of the executed plugins associated with the corresponding subnet, host, port and severity.

Managed within OpenVAS-Client, additionally a comment and, if available, the scan options leading to the report, can be stored. This additional information is not contained in the plain OpenVAS report files and thus gets lost when being exported. This also means that imported reports have no comments or scan options associated.

Possible operations for reports are:


Deletes the report and its comments and options. The user is prompted to confirm the removal.


Allows to import a report from a file. The standard exchange format is NBE (files suffixed ".nbe"). The file selection dialog allows to select the desired report file. An error hint will be displayed if the file format was not NBE. Else, the report is added to the currently selected scope. Neither comments nor options will be there for a report imported from a NBE file.


Allows to export the currently selected report either in a re-importable format (NBE) or in a format for further processing or presentation (XML, HTML, HTML with Pies and Graphs, LaTeX, ASCII Text and PDF). It is recommended to use NBE if re-importing is planned and to use PDF for creating simple report documents that need no further editing. Use one of the others if you want to further process the report or integrate it into your own document style.


Selecting the Print command will create a PDF version of the current report and tries to run a PDF viewer installed on your system. OpenVAS-Client will try a number of well-known PDF viewers; if there is a PDF viewer installed on your system and this menu item does not work, please check if the executable file for your PDF viewer is available in your system path.

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