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Management of OpenVAS Change Requests

An OpenVAS Change Request (CR) describes proposed changes to OpenVAS components. Though this is a formalized approach, this does not replace open discussion among interested developers on the mailing lists. In fact, these open discussions are the main source of change requests. This approach is intended to make the OpenVAS development process as transparent as possible to the OpenVAS developers as well as to the OpenVAS user community and other interested parties.

You can find the most current change requests at:

A complete change request consists of the following sections:

A general description of the current status of this request. This could be something like "in discussion", "agreed (voted +3) for release 1.4" or "Step 1 and 2 implemented".
A concise summary of the reasons for this change request.
Links to corresponding issue tracker entries or mailing list discussions.
A more verbose explanation as to why this change request should be implemented.
The effects should this change request be implemented, describing changes to API, compatibility, user experience and so on.
Design and Implementation:
Technical details regarding the implementation of this change request.
Date, name and description of changes to this change request in ChangeLog format.

Change requests can be created by anybody; although most change requests are created by OpenVAS developers, this is not in any way meant to exclude anyone from creating their own change request and submitting it to the openvas-discuss mailing list. Authors of change requests are encouraged to discuss their ideas for change requests on this mailing list or in the OpenVAS IRC channel (#openvas on before compiling the actual request.

The OpenVAS developer community regularly votes on new change requests. Every OpenVAS developer can vote for or against a certain change request by voting "+1" (for), "+/-0" (somewhat for/against) or "-1" (against). After a number of days has passed, the votes are counted; a positive result means that the change request has been accepted and will be implemented in future versions of OpenVAS.

The voting process itself is not yet fully formalized and subject to change; ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Submitting PatchesTopCode Quality and Code SecurityManagement of OpenVAS Change Requests