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About this Compendium

(by Jan-Oliver Wagner)

This compendium was compiled by people involved in the OpenVAS project. The intention is to provide comprehensive documentation for all aspects of network vulnerability scanning with OpenVAS, including:

This compendium is constantly being improved. You may find some sections not comprehensive enough, and other topics may be missing entirely. Future authors are welcome to make changes and additions. If you identify important aspects that need to be added, please coordinate with the OpenVAS team if you plan to contribute to this compendium. It is important that you coordinate before starting to write to avoid duplicating work.

The source format of this document is LaTeX with HyperLaTeX extensions for HTML output. The sources for the documentation are available as "openvas-compendium" at the OpenVAS development website1 via SVN.

About the OpenVAS ProjectTopIntroductionAbout this Compendium